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Beatty Coating Company, Inc. offers expert surface preparation and application of high performance coatings to concrete and steel in industrial environments. All types of coatings are applied by spray, trowel, broadcast, and lamination. Consulting, inspection and specification writing services are available.

Beatty Coating Company, Inc.
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Industrial Coatings Applications:

• Animal Kennels
• Auto Showrooms
• Automobile Service Areas
• Churches
• Clean Rooms
• Concrete or Wood Floors
• Correctional Facilities
• Food Processing Plants
• Food Service Areas
• Galleries
• Health Care Facilities
• Heavy Traffic Areas
• High Rise Building Floors
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Interior Entrances
• Interior or Exterior
• Laboratories
• Lobbies
• Locker Rooms
• Manufacturing Plants
• Mechanical Rooms
• Multi-Purpose Rooms
• Museums
• Offices
• Packing Rooms
• Patios
• Pedestrian Traffic Areas
• Pharmaceutical Plants
• Precast Concrete Balconies
• Pretreatment of Floors
• Production Rooms
• Restaurants
• Restrooms
• Retail Stores and Showrooms
• Seamless / Sanitary Counter Surfaces
• Shower Areas
• Sidewalks
• Slab-On-Grade Concrete Floors
• Vehicular Traffic Areas
• Wall Surfaces
• Water Treatment Plants

Beatty Coating Company, Inc.
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