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Beatty Coating Company, Inc. offers expert surface preparation and application of high performance coatings to concrete and steel in industrial environments.  All types of coatings are applied by spray, trowel, broadcast, and lamination. Consulting, inspection and specification writing services are available.

Decorative High Performance Polymer Floor Coatings and Overlay Systems for Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Applications and Concrete Restoration

Industrial Floor Solutions

Manufactured using state of the art technology, our protective overlays and coatings are the toughest seamless polymer concrete overlay systems available. Carrying the load for point or distributed loading, many systems are designed to provide needed structural integrity to improve floor and wall live load capabilities. All systems are resistant to abrasion, thermal shock and are dust-free. Easily cleaned, floors exceed OSHA and ADA requirements for slip-resistant surfaces and comply with FDA and USDA regulations. We have the expertise and the decorative and diverse products to extend the live cycle of floors – all nearly maintenance free!

ESD and Conductive Protectors
Reliable Protection. A full line of thin and thick ESD and conductive coating and overlay systems in compliance with NFPA Standards. For environments with danger of ignition due to explosive volatile chemicals, mixtures of gas, vapor, spray or fine dust in the air. Uncontrolled static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. Reduce risk in institutional, commercial and health care facilities, where static sensitive equipment can be harmed.

Elevated Temperature Protection up to 450°F
Heat resistant to 450°F. This polyurethane concrete will protect the substrate from hot and cold changing environments and withstand thermal shock without stressing the substrate.

Low Temperatures Curing Systems for Freezers and Cold Storage
Cold temperature placement. May be installed as a thin or thick overlay on cold substrates down to 0°F providing protection from abrasive wear and food spillage. Also used for exterior cold temperature repairs and grouting.

High Performance Decorative Flooring Solutions

Self-Leveling Epoxy Polymer Concrete Overlay for Commercial and Industrial Floors
1/8" or 3/16". 100% solids, three-component epoxy kit provides a super shine with super savings. Ideal for use on concrete surfaces requiring releveling or a thicker overlayment for foot and vehicular, pneumatic tire and plastic wheel cart traffic. Add colored flakes and a clear topcoat to change from a tough industrial surface to a highly decorative finish. Improve property value and provide a more productive working environment.

Color Quartz

Commercial/Industrial Grade Color Quartz Polymer Concrete Overlay System
For interior and exterior use. Superior, seamless colored quartz overlay system is low odor, fast curing, dense, durable, and tough. This overlay is top coated with UV resistant, non-yellowing polymers. Inlays, borders, thresholds and images are easily incorporated with vibrant or neutral tone colors. Used in wet environments to resist growth of fungus and bacteria. Non-porous to prevent dirt penetration and promote easy cleaning. Provides a durable floor surface with adjustable anti-skid properties. Also applicable on vertical and overhead surfaces. Chemical resistance is excellent and can be upgraded by changing the clear topcoat. Compliant with regulatory standards: USDA, FDA, OSHA, and EPA.

Quartz Excel System
Premier, top of the line seamless, or jointed colored quartz flooring system. Feels like natural stone, looks like tile. Fast curing, low odor, dense and durable for high traffic areas. This overlay is top-coated with UV resistant, non-yellowing polymers for high gloss or satin finishes. Personalize floors with inlays, borders, thresholds, dividing strips and images.

Color Flake

Flake Polymer Composite Overlay Systems
Provides durable wear surfaces for commercial, residential and industrial interior and exterior use. Looks and wears like granite. Available in natural stone blends or pastel colors, vinyl chips are available in 30 standard colors and thousands of blends. Create custom colors and patterns. This seamless, durable floor system includes the choice of epoxy, polyurea, or polyurethane non-yellowing topcoats. Flakes are encapsulated in the epoxy base coat for excellent adhesion of overlay on concrete, steel and wood surfaces. Adheres and cures under dry or damp concrete substrate conditions and can be ready for use in 24 hours. Safety walking surfaces exceed OSHA and ADA slip resistant requirements.

Clear Top Coats

Clear coats are the ideal protection to complete quality polymer floor systems. Protect interior or exterior concrete floor or slab-on-grade surfaces from foot traffic and vehicular pneumatic tires. Use over stained or colored concrete, flakes, colored or natural stones, colored quartz, build-up pigmented systems and areas where extra protection is required

Epoxy Clear Coats
Two-component, low viscosity, 100% solids, clear epoxy top coat for interior and exterior surfaces. Cures down to 36°F, 40°F, or 50°F.

Polyurea UV Protection
Offers the highest UV protection. Two-component, 100% to 92% solids, clear aliphatic polyurea top coat that is tack-free in a minimum of 4 to 6 hours and cures down to 40°F. It is available in ten standard colors and usable on interior or exterior surfaces.

Polyurethane Coatings
Exceptionally tough, thin wear surface with excellent UV resistance. It is a two-component, 47% solids, no solvents and nearly no odor, aliphatic clear water-based polyester polyurethane coating for polymer overlays, concrete and stained concrete surfaces. Fast tack-free time with good flexibility while maintaining film hardness and excellent abrasion resistance. Available in clear or stain finishes.

Industrial Coatings Applications:

• Animal Kennels
• Auto Showrooms
• Automobile Service Areas
• Churches
• Clean Rooms
• Concrete or Wood Floors
• Correctional Facilities
• Food Processing Plants
• Food Service Areas
• Galleries
• Health Care Facilities
• Heavy Traffic Areas
• High Rise Building Floors
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Interior Entrances
• Interior or Exterior
• Laboratories
• Lobbies
• Locker Rooms
• Manufacturing Plants
• Mechanical Rooms
• Multi-Purpose Rooms
• Museums
• Offices
• Packing Rooms
• Patios
• Pedestrian Traffic Areas
• Pharmaceutical Plants
• Precast Concrete Balconies
• Pretreatment of Floors
• Production Rooms
• Restaurants
• Restrooms
• Retail Stores and Showrooms
• Seamless / Sanitary Counter Surfaces
• Shower Areas
• Sidewalks
• Slab-On-Grade Concrete Floors
• Vehicular Traffic Areas
• Wall Surfaces
• Water Treatment Plants

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